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Meet a student

Meet a student

Hülya Ucar is studying Chemical Engineering at Aalborg University.

"I can help solve Denmark's problems, and that is what makes my field exciting"

"I do not precisely know what I want to do after graduation yet, but I would like to make a difference. It could involve developing medicine for the pharmaceutical industry or providing clean water. 

During this study programme, we get insight into the tasks that companies can use us for, which isstudy nice to keep in mind when you read theories or work on experiments in the laboratory.

Group work also prepares us for getting a job, because you have to work together on solutions in the companies, when you get a job after graduation. We have a very good and strong relationship to the lecturers and professors, and the teaching involves a whole lot more dialogue, than what I had expected."

Hülya Ucar, studying Chemical Engineering.