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Job and career

Job and career

Job opportunities are excellent when graduating from the Chemical Engineering programme. Your future workplace could be in a consultancy, the public sector or in the private industrial sector.

During the study programme, you use the PBL method and you work in groups, which will give you many useful skills that make you an attractive candidate on the job market. You know how to approach a problem and solve it in collaboration with other people, which is a very useful skill to have in your future job.

You are qualified to work with for example:

  • Offshore processes
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Development of new materials for e.g. medical equipment
  • Working environment as a consultant for e.g. the polymer industry
  • Development of catalysts for e.g. abatement of air pollution
  • Development of computer models of refinery processes
  • Optimisation of production of enzymes
  • Quality control at e.g. a food manufacturer
  • Drinking water
  • Development of ceramic materials for e.g. brake pads
  • Biogas production
  • Research, teaching and supervision



Career guidance at AAU

The AAU Careers Centre can help you with your career planning and establishment of contacts in the business world.

Due to language barriers it can be difficult to find a relevant student job, and you cannot expect to get one. However, project collaboration can give you experience and network as well.

Learn more on the careers centre homepage