Graduate testimonials

Graduate testimonials

Nanna Krarup is a graduate from Aalborg University who now works as a process engineer in the consultancy company Atkins.

"At the moment, I am working with flow assurance, which is an area that receives more and more attention in the oil and gas industry"

"After graduating from AAU-Esbjerg, I got a job as a process engineer at Atkins. At the moment, I am working with flow assurance, which is an area that receives more and more attention in the oil and gas industry. Flow assurance is about finding a way of transporting oil in the pipes. When you drill for oil and pump it up, the oil is mixed with gas and water. Therefore, through chemical processes, you ensure that the fluids and the gasses flow in the pipes without forming solids. It is very interesting to work with, and it is an area I see myself working with in the future.

My position as a process engineer offers great variation. I have both independent tasks, tasks that require a high degree of immersion, and tasks that require great interpersonal skills. I like that there is the opportunity to immerse into something that is more technical, find new solutions and cooperate with both colleagues and clients. The variation in my work means that it is always challenging and interesting to go to work – whether it is at the office in the harbour of Esbjerg, or whether I have the opportunity to go offshore. I think that there is something special about visiting the platforms, we deliver solutions to.

I chose to work in the oil and gas industry, because the industry is constantly changing. It makes it both dynamic and fascinating. Many resources are spent on research in this particular industry, which means new knowledge is constantly created – and thereby new challenges are also created. Besides, I think that being able to build an island of steel in the middle of the North Sea, bringing up oil from the bottom of the sea, and thereafter transporting it hundreds of kilometres ashore, is fascinating. That is surely an artwork of engineering.

In Atkins, we work cross-functionally and in teams. Therefore, I appreciate the interpersonal skills that I gained through my education where cooperation was crucial for good teamwork and creating results. Combined with the problem-oriented approach, which Aalborg University introduced me to, I have gained the prerequisites for contributing to complex engineering projects from day one.

I have always been interested in mathematics, chemistry and physics, and it was therefore a natural choice for me to go down the road of natural sciences. What appealed to me about studying Chemical Engineerig was the fact that the study programme is so broad. As a chemical engineer you can work within many different industries such as the food industry, the oil industry, the medical industry etc. In that way, you have the opportunity to navigate according to your own interests and create your own career – that I found very attractive.

As a chemical engineer from Aalborg University in Esbjerg, you are well equipped for working at in an international environment. The study programme is in English, so I am used to communicating in English. For instance, it has been easy for me to write technical reports in English and communicate with clients and foreign colleagues – and in my current job that is a necessary skill.

Most of the companies within the oil industry have offices all over the world. Therefore, there are many opportunities to create an international career. In fact, I have just been twelve days in Scotland working on a project at Atkins’ office in Aberdeen.
Besides the international aspect and the ability to solve the problems through cooperation, I have also benefited from the courses I followed during my study. Especially, the oil and gas courses at my master’s degree in Esbjerg have been useful in my current job."

Nanna Krarup

Graduate in Chemical Engineering from Aalborg University

Process engineer in Atkins