Graduate testimonials

Graduate testimonials

Christian Juel Adamsen is a graduate from Aalborg University. He is now CEO of the company Juel & Krøyer Aps.

"The way I work in my company today is related to the problem-oriented approach that are taught at Aalborg University"

My work tasks

"In the beginnin of 2014, we founded the company Juel & Krøyer Aps. We specialise in advising offshore-operators in maintenance of equipment such as pumps, compressors, valves etc. as well as optimisation of maintenance systems. There are many different aspects and tasks in my line of work, which I really appreciate. For instance, I develop methods for how to best approach maintenance systematically. Assisting our clients, who among others count Maersk and Dong, in project management and project assistance is also an essential part of my job. In general, I work with management in different aspects, which I am very pleased with.

One of the most interesting things about my job is the fact that I am contributin to redefining the way you maintain equipment in the oil industry. The approach to maintenance has always been based on ‘best practice’ where you do what you have always done and adjust along the way. Consequently, maintenance is often driven by individuals’ own experiences and wishes. This is one of the paradigms of the oil industry, and it is very exciting to be part of challenging it – in this way, we can actually create value!

With rising demands from society, you have to focus more on the documentation of your decisions about maintenance of the equipment. In these cases, we help companies with the optimisation of the systems and the set-up for maintenance, so that they live up to the requirements.

Recently, I finished a task for a company, which I am very proud of. It was a study of how to extend the life span of an offshore platform in the North Sea. No actual methods for solving this problematic exist. Therefore, we had to acquire new knowledge through research and solve the assignment based on that. I am especially proud of this project, because we, in collaboration with the customer, have developed the method from scratch.

I think the oil and gas industry is interesting because it is of great importance to our society. Without the oil industry, the balance of payment and our society would not work. At the same time, it is an industry in development, which means there are plenty of opportunities to generate new knowledge. Continuously, greater demands for security, production liability etc. are made, which means that there are plenty of room for optimisation.

Studying at AAU-Esbjerg

The way I work in my company today is related to the problem-oriented approach that are taught at Aalborg University. Here, you learn how to acquire new knowledge and how to solve a problem systematically. Of course, it is not the exact same to solve a problem in real life as in university, but the approach is quite similar. In the real world, there are often more external factors that influence the solution. These are not necessarily present when you are in school. Stakeholders, oil prices, electricity prices, priorities etc. all have great influence on the task.

Besides the fact that the problem-oriented approach is a useful method for solving concrete problems in the business world, it is likewise a reality that good collaboration skills are a necessity. Therefore, I am glad that group work played such a big role at Aalborg University Esbjerg as it did.

Group work was also part of the social life. The thing I remember the most from my time of studying, is definitely my classmates and the teachers, who you have a very casual relationship with. Basically, Aalborg University in Esbjerg created the settings that made it possible for me to acquire the knowledge that has led me to where I am today – and I am counting on staying here many years from now.

Choice of study programme

I have always been very interested in mathematics and chemistry, so becoming an engineer was an obvious choice. I knew that as an engineer you would work on a high technical level as well as having good possibilities for getting a job afterwards – and that appealed to me a lot."

Christian Juel Adamsen

Graduate from Aalborg University

CEO of the company Juel & Krøyer Aps.