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Meet a student

Meet a student

Iris Enghis is a student is studying Management in the Building Industry.

“Education is the greatest asset one can posses”

“The Danish Higher Education system has been known for years as a successful path in building a lifelong career. In this context, I graduated as a bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management and continued in the Master’s programme in Management in the Building Industry.

I can now rely on strong qualifications, and I feel prepared to meet the requirements I will be facing in the building industry. We have been prepared to become experts, and our career opportunities could be as contractors, suppliers or consultants within the building industry.

Besides the knowledge from the courses, every semester we are engaged in project research in collaboration with well-recognised companies. This offers the possibility to have a realistic perspective and to apply the theory learned.

Being a student in a quickly changing and developing environment like Denmark is an exciting ride that makes one strive constantly for continuous development."

Iris Enghis from Romania, studying Mangement in the Building Industry