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Michael Ryan Andersen

Michael Ryan Andersen, Master of Culture, Communication and Globalisation (English and French), Political and Strategic Consultant, International House, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

“I started working for the City of Copenhagen because they were looking for an academic with an international profile to assist in an OECD review of the Capital Region of Denmark. I was responsible for interviews, research and validating of information within the fields of entrepreneurship, urban planning and attraction of international investment and talents. After having worked 4 years in the business department, I was head hunted by the international department for a job as political and strategic consultant.

My primary task is to ensure a political and strategic focus on attracting, receiving and retaining international talents in Copenhagen. A close dialogue with the international companies and organizations allows me to transform their wishes and needs into concrete policy making that focuses on making it easy for companies to recruit international talents and hereby ensuring that it is attractive for foreign companies to locate in Copenhagen. All with the purpose of improving Copenhagen’s international competitiveness and generate growth.
Due to my international background, I also take part in different international forums and working groups, where I represent the City of Copenhagen.

My CCG background has been very useful in my job. First of all, the ability to combine social and human sciences is crucial when you work with policy making. Where social science helps you understand structures and statistics, human science helps you understand people, relations and reactions. This is necessary in order to elaborate strategic policies and obtain successful changes.
Furthermore, the international environment at CCG has given me a solid background for working internationally and with people of many different ethnicities, languages and cultures. Years of studying, living and working abroad has enabled me to understand what it means to be a foreigner in a new country and starting a new life in a foreign culture. Having been ‘in their shoes’ and having an international mindset is the central element in my job.”