Specialisations within Culture, Communication and Globalization

The Master programme in Culture, Communication and Globalization offers the following possibilities of specializations that will allow you to add a personal profile to your Master's degree:

If you choose one of the specializations, you will follow a specialization module of 5 ECTS at your 7th and 8th semesters. At your 9th semester you must choose your internship within your specialization, and at your 10th semester, you must write your Master's Thesis within you chosen specialization.


What is a specialisation?

A specialisation is a specially designed course on your master's programme where you will acquire competences within a particular academically defined field which is of special interest to you.

In the course of your studies, you must decide which field you want to specialise in. Depending on your study programme, you have a number of fields to choose from.

You apply for a specialisation course by applying for the master's programme which includes this specialisation.