Much more than an educational journey

Anders Spile, Innovation Management, class of 2014-2016.

Anders SpileWhen I chose to apply for the Innovation Management program at Sino Danish Center, I thought that combining innovation and China was a way to secure my professional future. I still believe so, but the two years I spend in China, have proven to be so much more than just an educational journey. 

When you return to Denmark after so much time in China, you start to realize how much you differ from all the students who stayed back home. To me, creating value in a firm is not reading long books and sitting in lecture halls, only so you can explain and use certain theories. Value to me is your ability to negotiate deals across cultures, it is arguing with customs in foreign countries where nothing works, and exploiting opportunities based on your understanding of other markets.

At SDC, I had classes like at any other university, but when you live in a country which is like night-and-day to your normal life, learning happens 24 hours a day. The skills I have acquired through the SDC program are rare, and you can never obtain them by reading books or sitting in lecture halls. As a business development director, responsible for trading in and out of Asia, I have so many advantages I would never have had without the SDC program. My bosses don’t care how much I can tell them about negotiating tactics in Asian, they care about the results. Through our education at SDC, we become the gateway in to China. In a global market becoming more turbulent, fast paced and international, understanding one of the largest countries is a significant advantage to put it mildly.

I don’t believe any other master's degree can offer the skillset you acquire from the programs at SDC, and I believe they are worth a lot more than understanding another theory.