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Challenging in every aspect

Lars Melgaard Algayer, Innovation Management, class 2016-2018.

Lars Melgaard AlgayerHow is it to be a student on this program?

The Innovation Management program from SDC is very challenging in every aspect. As the program is in China, experiences here are truly transformative and have influences on you as individual and also what you will be doing in the future.

Why did you pick this program?

I picked the program due to megalomania. I knew I needed to go outside the borders of Denmark, and either go to the States or to China. In the beginning the idea was to take a semester abroad. When the opportunity arose of combining my master studies and the experience of going to China, I couldn’t resist.

What would you like to use your masters for?

I would love to work in China or in an international business that allows me to experience foreign cultures. Your ideals and perception of the world will be challenged; I would much rather learn this while studying. The Innovation Management contributes to an understanding of process and product development, and how to manage getting these results. 

What is your educational background?

I got a business education from High school and B.Sc. in Business Economics, from Aalborg University.

How big is the work load?

I am writing this in autumn of 2017, when I am doing my internship in Shanghai at a Danish startup company in the food&beverage industry. As part of my internship, I’m working full time, and have to write my internship project at the same time.

What does a normal week look like?

During my internship, working hours are from 9.30AM- 6.00PM (including app. an hour lunchbreak). I like to work out, so sometimes I do that before getting to work. The gym opens at 8.00 AM. If I work out after work, I am home around 9-9.30PM.

How are the lectures and exams distributed over the semester?

The first two semesters are split into modules (app 4 weeks duration each) with a fair amount of workload. Each module closes with an exam (usually during the last week of each month).

What is the best and worst about your program?

The best and the worst is that, it is in China.

Any advice for new students?

If you are up for adventures and challenges, definitely do it! Everything is subsidized by the government, and there are lots of foundations where you can apply for grants. It is a good idea to plan some travels in the region. It is really easy to get around in China. And when you are out here, explore other Asian countries too - the distance from China to many interesting locations is less than couple of hours away.