Knowledge about the way to understand the world

Fengmei LI, Innovation Management, class 2014-2016.

Fengmei LISDC Programme gave me not only knowledge about innovation, but the way to learn and to understand the world. 

After the two years' study, I became more proactive and more confident than before. I also got an opportunity to get more close to companies and the real world. It helps a lot when we have to job hunt, especially for the multinational companies.

Study with Danish students and teachers was a wonderful experience. Learning in the English teaching environment with much social and cultural knowledge was important for me. It broadened my perspective and also changed my sometime fixed mindset. SDC program also provided the Chinese students with an excellent trip to  Denmark, which was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the country, its universities, companies, people, and of course the terrific cultural and natural landscape.