An important brick for building your professional profile

Jakob Sander, Innovation Management, class 2014-2016.

Jakob SanderI chose the Innovation Management programme at Sino-Danish Centre due to several exciting features, albeit that the most fundamental was the opportunity to live and study in China.

As the world becomes more intertwined, I strongly believe that international experiences are an important brick for building your professional profile. Particularly if these experiences come from living and studying in a fast-paced country with a large global footprint, and an equally exciting potential for the future. Furthermore, I feel throughout the various courses that we as students have been equipped with tools that come in the shape of ideas and frameworks, which offer an exciting contribution to bolster today’s business practices in regards to innovation.

What makes the SDC programme really stand out for me is that they enable us to leverage these tools, because they not only help us bridge the gap between theory and practice, but also in a more contextual sense. More specifically, because of the mix of Chinese and Danish students in the classroom, a lot of discussions center around our respective cultural contexts, which at times can appear juxtaposing. But this has also proven incredibly valuable, since we extend our perspectives and can thus better understand the mechanisms that govern our different ways of thinking. I strongly believe this to be an important aspect within innovation, and something that particularly multinational organizations tend to neglect –that if you jettison the contextual landscape, then although an idea or change was successful in e.g. Denmark, it cannot be expected to work flawlessly in China. Understanding and appreciating these contextual differences is a big part of the personal development that you undergo over the two years of the SDC programme, and something that I believe no other Master degree can offer.