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You feel like a part of something bigger

Sebastian Sørensen, Innovation Management, class 2017-2019.

Sebastian SørensenHow is it to be a student on this program?

It feels great to be a part of this programme especially as you feel like a part of something bigger in SDC. Not only have I decided to take my master degree in China, but also around 50-60 other international students took the same opportunity as me. Furthermore, it feels special to be in a class-environment with both foreign and Chinese classmates, which brings you closer to an understanding of internationalisation and Chinese culture.

Why did you pick this program?

I picked this programme because my career ambition is to become an entrepreneur who can operate in a global context and work with international companies. And I am convinced that the master’s program will enable me with the necessary qualifications, skills, and knowledge to fulfil my ambition. Furthermore, the study operates in a global setting, which I think is crucial when striving for an international career.

What would you like to use your masters for?

I have a given interest in entrepreneurship and start-up companies, which this master will provide you with essential skills and knowledge to aim for.

What is your educational background?

Bachelor in economics and business administration.

How big is the workload?

The workload differs from time to time, but especially in project periods, it can be stressful.
Standard workload per week = 5-10 hours.
Project period per week = 10-15 hours.

How does a normal week look like?

Classes from 9-12’o clock – 3-5 days a week.
Food at canteen: 8’o clock - 12’o clock - 18’o clock every day.
Chinese classes: Two times a week, three hours each time (mandatory).

Sports facilities

In your free time at the campus, you will have a lot of different opportunities such as: using the sports-facilities around campus that offers various kind of sports. Football, Running, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping-pong, or workout at the gym. 

Exploring new areas

Even more important is that fact that you on your weekends and holidays will have time to go out and explore China and its exciting regions. The transportation to Beijing is only 1.30 hour, and from there you can take a speed-train to Shanghai in 4 hours. More important is also to state the fact that you in your holidays will have the time and option to go travelling at other countries in Asia.

How are the lectures and exams distributed over the semester?

Each semester included in the programme will consist of four modules, with one module finishing every month and the following exam. Therefore, the programme offers you to get an in-depth insight into each module before moving to next. At the end of each semester, you would have to write a semester-project with both your international and Chinese classmates.

What is the best and worst for your program?


The best things about the programme are the practical angle of stuff you learn in class. Much of the theories introduced in class will be connected to practice and real-life business cases. For instance, this would include both Danish and Chinese company, but also a given chance to write about these companies when you write your semester projects. After the two semesters, you would have an excellent opportunity to get an internship in China. 


There are not many disadvantages about joining this programme, although that you have to leave your family and friends. But on the contrary, you would have enough time to travel back and visit them to tell everything about your new experiences in China.

Any advice for new students?

Bring your explorer-hat because this will be an adventure!