Job and career

Innovation is an important driving force for future competitiveness and sustainability for companies, institutions and organisations. Employers therefore increasingly need experts and managers with competencies in innovation and business development who can make a company creative and innovative.

The MSc specialisation in Innovation Management meets this need for people with a detailed understanding of global market mechanisms, technological development, strategic insight, organisational skills, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Innovation Management not only gives you skills to apply for jobs in existing companies and organisations, but also promotes your interest in starting your own business.

The programme also offers you the opportunity to participate in academic research in the field of innovation.

As a graduate in Innovation Management with both a Danish and a Chinese diploma, you have an international job profile, which gives you a global competitive advantage in the labor market.

Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

  • Application and cv
  • Finding an internship or a student job
  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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