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Study abroad

On the 3rd semester of the programme, the students have three options:

  1. Research-based internship (research and training project conducted in a company or organization)
  2. Research-based project (conceptual or secondary empirical material based project)
  3. One-semester study activities at another university.

All of these activities are equivalent to 30 ECTS points.

One-semester study activities at another university

For those students, who choose to do one-semester study at another university, the subjects and programme abroad should be connected to the field of innovation management. The curricula of the exchange semester and the ECTS points transfer have to be approved by the programme coordinator. The practice of previous years shows, that very few students choose this option. Instead, the majority of the candidates prefer spending the 3rd semester by doing an internship. 


Internship is an integral and very important part of this educational programme. By doing their internships, the students get hands-on experience of challenges, decision making, and working in a company or an organisation.

During the internship period the academic learning process continues, as the students are expected to relate and apply the theories they encountered in various courses onto practical tasks in the host organization. Furthermore, the internship provides the students with an opportunity to shape their own individual academic and professional profile and to develop further the portfolio of various skills, among others including language, inter-cultural, networking, and analytical skills.

Benefits of an internship

Over the years, the IM coordinating team has developed close relationships with numerous companies and organisations which are very willing to host the candidates from the programme. The companies clearly see the benefits from hosting interns who can help them with solving innovation related problems and can inspire them with new ideas and best practices.

The interns, on the other hand, gain first-hand insights in relevant work processes and get a chance to apply and critically reflect on what they learned in the class room during the first year of their studies on the programme.

Theoretical report

The internship semester culminates in a report that is submitted to the programme and provides a basis for the exam. The topics of the internship semester are supposed to be within the field of innovation and be relevant to the Sino-Danish context.

An overwhelming majority of students choose to benefit from all the advantages that doing an internship entails. However, an option of doing an academic and conceptual project is also open to the students who may want to join one of research projects at the programme-affiliated universities. In this case, on the basis of the research work, the student delivers a theoretical report that should comply with the requirements of the 3rd semester and should provide a basis for the exam. 

Internship opportunities in other parts of the world

To maximize the benefits of study programme in China, the majority of students pursue internship opportunities in China. However, in terms of geography of internship placements, the programme had cases of internships in other parts of the world including Japan, Canada, Germany, India, and Denmark. 

Internship Week

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Did you know ...

Did you know ...

...that as a student at Aalborg University you have the opportunity of going abroad as an integrated part of many of AAU's programmes? 

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