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Cooperation with a local company

Rasmus Lauridsen, International Marketing, 1st semester 2017.

Rasmus LauridsenHow is it to be a student on this program?

It is very exciting since we get to work with modern marketing theories, and apply them to real world scenarios. This is done through a close cooperation with a local company.

Why did you pick this program?

I’ve always known I wanted to study marketing. The combination of the classic marketing management approach, combined with the international and cultural aspect made International Marketing at AAU the obvious choice.

What would you like to use your masters for?

I would like to work for a smaller B2C company, foreign or national. I believe this will enable me to apply most of my knowledge from the education, and prepare me for larger companies and more managerial roles in the future. On a longer term I would like to do consulting for larger global companies.

What is your educational background?

I studied a HHX with a specialization in Innovation and Marketing Management at Silkeborg Business College, took my bachelor in HA (Economic and Business Administration) at Aalborg University, and started my MSc. In International Marketing at Aalborg University.

How big is the work load?

It’s definitely tougher than the bachelor, but the work load is evenly divided throughout my semester. Some weeks have been a bit stressful due to unforeseen complications in the projects.

What does a normal week look like?

We usually have a good mixture of lectures and group work. As most educations on AAU you decide within the group how you want to organize the week. This has allowed me to have a study job besides the study.

How are the lectures and exams distributed over the semester?

This semester is divided into 3 modules. Each module has lectures, project work, and an oral exam. You work through one module before starting the next, which means that you are always working on a certain subject. This approach makes sure that the workload isn’t concentrated in one certain period, but spread evenly.

What is the best and worst about your program?

The best is the diversity within the class. The program is one of the most culturally diverse at Aalborg University. This means that you learn to work within an international group, and thereby becomes prepared for real world scenarios within international workplaces. The worst is the lack of modern marketing tools in the lectures and projects. Even though the tools are often discussed, they are never shown or used. They may not have a direct academic relevance, but companies often expect marketing students to be able to use most of them.

Any advice for new students?

Be open and forthcoming – The cultural differences will be a challenge from time to time, but it makes the project work a lot more interesting.