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You learn a lot about the world

Steffie Fjeldal Jakobsen, International Marketing, 3rd semester 2017. Currently studying abroad at Gothenburg University.

Steffie Fjeldal JakobsenHow is it to be a student on this program?

First of all, it is interesting to study International Marketing because you learn a lot about the world. It is an international course and most of the students are from different countries. This makes the program interesting because you learn about other cultures at a theoretical level but you also learn to work together with people with a different culture.  

Why did you pick this program?

I have always been interested in marketing and how to influence the consumer, and in what way you can influence them. Therefore I chose to study marketing. Moreover, I wanted to study an international program, because I wanted to be better to write and speak English.

What would you like to use your masters for?

I think I will work with consumer behaviour.

What is your educational background?

Before I started studying International Marketing I took the bachelor Business economics (HA) at Aalborg University

How big is the work load?

It depends on what grade you want. If you want to have a big understanding of the subject you need to study a bit harder, but it is still possible to have a life outside the university ;)

What does a normal week look like?

It is a bit different; when we start a new semester we have a lot of lectures, so we had to meet 3-5 days to a lecture. Because we have a lot of group work, it starts with the lectures and after a while it is more group orientated, so we meet up in the groups 3-5 times each week to write our projects.

How are the lectures and exams distributed over the semester?

Normally we have some different courses distributed over the semester, so we start with some of the courses have an exam. After we write a project, handle it in and go to an oral group exam.

What is the best and worst about your program?

The best is that you get to know so many different people from so many different countries. You are going to challenge your-self to speak English every day and write it. But it can also be a bit hard to speak English, write it and read it all the time. 

Any advice for new student?

If you want to be challenged in a new language and different cultures, this is the right course to take. Moreover, the lectures are very interesting first of all it is not only about marketing as many think, but is so much more. You learn about different strategies you can use in a company, how to understand the customers and so on.