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The first two semesters are devoted to studies at Aalborg University. Hereafter the students must choose between one of the following four options during their 3rd semester:

  1. A traineeship with a company/organization abroad or in Denmark
  2. Studying for one semester as an exchange student at a university abroad
  3. Studying for one semester at another Danish university or at another programme within Aalborg University
  4. Working on a project in Denmark

In other words, this semester is devoted to spending 3-5 months abroad, either as trainees in foreign companies or institutions or as exchange students at a foreign university. International students may also spend their traineeships in a company or an organisation in Denmark. In some cases, students can also choose to do a semester at another university in Denmark or within another programme at Aalborg University. Guest/exchange students cannot enrol as trainees during the third semester.

See further information here: http://www.internationaloffice.aau.dk

Did you know ...

Did you know ...

...that as a student at Aalborg University you have the opportunity of going abroad as an integrated part of many of AAU's programmes? 

Learn more on the webpage of AAU's International Office