Konstantinos Katsavounis

Meet a student

Konstantinos Katsavounis, studying Energy Engineering, talks about the study programme

“I got the opportunity to work and analyse issues from a researcher’s point of view, offering solutions to real problems”

“From the first year of my bachelor studies, I was inclined towards the electrical power generation, transmission and distribution concepts. My firm belief is that smart systems will be dominant in future power systems, further urging me to study that concept.

The best thing about this study programme is the opportunity to associate with people (professors, supervisors, lecturers etc.) who excel at their field. Not only because you have the opportunity to learn from them, but also because you get a glimpse of their way of thinking.

During this study programme I got the opportunity to work and analyse issues from a researcher’s point of view, offering solutions to real problems and submitting these solutions (in form of scientific articles/journals) to international conferences. This procedure, and the possible results of getting your work published, is highly essential when pursuing a Ph.D. diploma.

Three things particularly surprised me about studying at AAU:

  • The stress-free study philosophy of the Danish students
  • The advanced equipment that students get to use throughout their projects
  • The relaxed and informal atmosphere between students and professors

I would love to continue my studies regarding this field at a higher academic level (pursue a Ph.D. diploma), and subsequently be employed in the R&D field.”

Project work

“My latest project (The Evolving Grid: Modelling and Control of Mix Energy Systems) was the most interesting project I have done. Although the content is mostly restricted by confidentiality agreements, it can be briefly described as modelling, controlling and optimising a system that incorporates the electricity, gas and heating sub-systems, with a large number of contemporary components. Such a concept is not yet fully visualised, thus I had the chance to work on something that will be of major importance in the next years.

Although the aforementioned project was not conducted in collaboration with any company, a lot of the required information and software originated from various companies throughout the world. A thing to note is that although AAU did not help with finding or contacting the required companies (or people within companies), it did try to facilitate the paperwork, speeding up processes that were required in order to continue this project’s work.”

Student life

“Although I am not interested in student life in Aalborg, I will have to admit that there are a myriad of things going on (from sports and drinking events to job fairs). So, even being highly uninterested in participating in student events, I have the knowledge that there are several events near my place.

In regards to the university, the best thing about studying at AAU is the opportunity to work on aspects of science that you are interested in. In addition, it is also nice to know that when you need a break from your studies, there are various intriguing events to keep you occupied. Finally, the cultural diversity in Aalborg (students here originate from all over the globe) is a big plus for me.

As a former student, and a student coordinator and buddy, I urge the new students to not get lost in their studies, and spend some time exploring Aalborg and its various events. Meeting and associating with both the Danes and students from other ethnicities will be a huge life-learning lesson.”

Konstantinos Katsavounis from Greece, studying Energy Engineering with a specialisation in Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering