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Leanne Ashworth

Meet a former student

Leanne Ashworth form Canada talks about her time at AAU, where she studied Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology.

"It didn't take long to realise how unique AAU's project based learning approach is"

"I started my university education by completing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in Canada. Nearing the end of these studies I decided that sustainable energy was an area that interested me more so while attending a conference in Canada, I asked the advice of one of the presenters – what would he recommend if I wanted to get into his line of work? His answer was look at doing a master’s degree at AAU. From here the ball started rolling and I ended up in Aalborg.

It didn’t take long to realise how unique AAU’s project based learning approach is. I had experienced group work in my first degree but many aspects were improved in the HYTEC program. The two largest differences for me were that there was only one project per semester that should incorporate all the course material being taught, rather than one project per course, and that problems from various Danish companies were presented as project ideas.

This focus on industry involvement in university education is a huge benefit for both the students and the industry. Students are more motivated to work on ‘real world’ problems and often supplied with materials/information otherwise unavailable to them, and graduates are far more easily integrated into the workforce upon completion.

The people you get to work with make a huge difference to the overall experience. Working with students from a number of different countries opened my mind to new ways of thinking, and I can’t say enough about the supervisors in the department. They were always there to help and empowered the students by sharing their knowledge and showing genuine interest in the projects being completed.

I am currently working for Serenegy, a fuel cell system developer/manufacturer in Hobro (near Aalborg). This is an opportunity I got due to cooperation with them during my time at AAU."

Leanne Ashworth

Leanne Ashworth from Canada, former student at the programme in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology.