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Maciej Swierczynski

Meet a former student

Maciej Swierczynski from Poland is a graduate from the specialisation in Power Electronics and Drives in the Energy Engineering programme.

"Project-based learning and a strong focus on group work makes Aalborg University unique in Europe"

"I came to Aalborg University as an exchange student. I have chosen to study Power Electronics and Drives because it was in good agreement with my personal interest.

First thing that hit me, when I came to Aalborg University to study my MSc degree, was the study method which differed from the one which I had at my home university. Project-based learning and a strong focus on group work makes Aalborg University unique in Europe. An ability to contribute and learn from the project group, I had to learn almost from scratch and such skills are nowadays highly demanded on the job market.

Moreover, at the Department of Energy Technology, a lot of emphasis is put on practical laboratory work which gives a wonderful opportunity to test your own theories or designs in the “real world”. What I liked the most at the Department of Energy Technology was also a powerful connection with industry and the fact that lots of projects are commissioned or even sometimes financed by companies - which allows a smooth transition from academic to industrial career. I enjoyed also the fact that there was no time for routine and every day brought new challenges to solve.

After my MSc degree period of study, I was happy to accept a PhD position which helps me to further develop my skills and competences. I am currently a PhD student in the Vestas Power Programme where I am working in a Virtual Power Plant group and dealing with lifetime prediction of storage technologies."

Maciej Swierczynski

Maciej Swierczynski, former student at the AAU Power Electronics and Drives programme