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Vasilios is studying Power Electronics and Drives (Energy Engineering).

“The projects are well targeted”

“My name is Vasilios. I am studying Power Electronics and Drives at Aalborg University. I was born in Sweden, but I consider myself Greek, as I have lived most of my life in Greece.

I came to Aalborg because of the study programme Power Electronics and Drives (Energy Engineering). The programme caught my attention by means of some very interesting publications that I read at my home university, and I believe the programme is well known within its field.

Problem based learning

I enjoy studying at Aalborg University, and I like that the projects are well targeted, and that any resources you might need are easily available through the laboratories, which was not the case at my home university.

I had never tried working with the problem based learning approach before I came here, but it was quite easy to get used to it. I have worked in groups with very cooperative students who I communicated well with, so the process went smoothly, even though we were quite under pressure in the end of the semester – but this is part of the progression.

The project groups are quite diverse, and they are formed not only for projects, but also for group exercises in classes. I like the discussions that can take place in these groups, as I find it interesting to discuss with people who might have different understandings of the issues in question.

My semester project

Right now, my project group and I are working on a project. Our idea is to model and implement the control of a motor, which could for example be the motor of an electrical car. We want this motor to perform at the exact speed that we want without any deviations.

The challenge here concerns the irregularities (so called non-linear effects) that can appear. Small irregularities accumulate during the operation of the motor. Our project is to point out all irregularities and eliminate them, so that we can control the motor to operate exactly as we want. We want it to be able to operate in a precise manner in extreme conditions such as at very low or very high speed, as this is where these irregularities mostly distort the operation of the motor. Precision is very important in for example car manufacturing or medical or surgical circumstances, when safety is number one priority.

This semester project serves as assistance to a PhD student who works on this problem as well.

My advice for future students

I would advise future students to travel around when in Denmark. It is quite accessible to go to the larger cities such as Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Moreover, enrolling in a free Danish class is a good idea. I am currently enrolled in some Danish language classes, and after three months, I started to understand what people were saying in the supermarket and so on. In Denmark, you will do fine with English, but learning a little Danish will help you to feel more integrated and to understand the culture better."

Vasilios from Greece, studying Power Electronics and Drives