Cosmin Eugen Banceanu

Meet a former student

Cosmin Eugen Banceanu from Romania is a graduate from the Wind Power Systems specialisation in the Energy Engineering programme.

"How would I sum up the whole AAU experience? … for me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity"

"The interest to continue my studies at Aalborg University (AAU) in particular arose after attending a seminar at my home university presented by Professor Remus Teodorescu. That was when I first found out about the Department of Energy Technology (ET) and its MSc programmes. The paramount reasons for my choice to study WPS were the benefits that green energy has on the environment and also the worldwide awareness towards the need of reduced CO2 emissions. 

Nowadays, we live in an environmentally aware world, and the transition towards an eco-friendly life is expected not only of people but of companies as well. I have thus realised that green energy solutions would develop in the coming years faster than it ever did before. Great innovations regarding the wind energy field, and not only, were expected and my goal was not only to learn and observe the process, but to actually be a part of it.

In my first days at AAU I found out about “problem-based learning” (PBL). From that moment on, everything I did at AAU was related to PBL. Day by day, I realised the differences between the system I was used to before coming to Denmark and what I was now experiencing at ET. This education system enabled me to work in collaborative groups and delve into real industry problems. Thus, AAU gives you the opportunity to link your theoretical knowledge to practical cases. In what I am concerned, the collaboration with the industry started with a Term Project in the 9th Semester based on an ABB project proposal.

Due to my commitment and results, I was given the formidable opportunity and challenge of working and writing my Master’s thesis at ABB Research Center in Switzerland, alongside some of the best engineers in the field. The entire AAU experience has contributed to my professional development, and today I am working as an Electrical Development Engineer at ABB’s ATPT department located in Turgi, Switzerland.

How would I sum up the whole AAU experience? … for me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Cosmin Eugen Banceanu, Romania, Electrical Development Engineer graduated from AAU.