Carlos Enrique Imbaquingo Muñoz

Meet a student

Carlos Enrique Imbaquingo Muñoz, studying Energy Engineering, talks about the study programme

“Project writing makes me feel more confident in writing”

“I chose this study programme because I am interested in learning what the requirements are to ensure a reliable renewable power system. Also, I want to gain knowledge about how to design synchronous machines. The best thing about this study programme is the opportunity to work in a project group, which teaches me how to cooperate and learn about a specific topic.

My current project is about DC power collection for wind farms. It is interesting because it uses a new control technique where even a patent is involved. The project supervisor works for an industrial partner. Since he has limit time, we have to prepare a lot of material before a meeting. Other projects I have worked on were about susceptibility analysis of the converter and control design of the converter. Project writing makes me feel more confident in writing, even though I still have to improve a lot.

I got a student job during my studies, and I had the opportunity to see and use some equipment in the industrial environment. The study programme has helped me to understand how to use the equipment and interpret its results.

When I graduate, I hope to have enough research background to apply for a PhD position at AAU or another university."

Student life

"Student life is great. It is quiet and there are many places, where I can go to study. The library system is excellent, and I have access to a lot of online material at AAU.

The best thing about studying at AAU is the nice study environment. Teachers, students, or staff are willing to help when needed.

To new students I would say to look for a place to live in advance. I was about to leave Denmark because I could not find a place for one month. Fortunately, the accommodation service helped me.

What surprised me most about studying at AAU was that we have a study room for doing projects and how well the labs are equipped.”

Carlos Enrique Imbaquingo Muñoz from Ecuador, studying Energy Engineering with a specialisation in Wind Power Systems