Iulian Vranceanu

meet a graduate

Iulian Vranceanu, graduate from Energy Engineering

“the most important and useful skill I have from AAU is the teamwork mentality”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Energy Engineering with specialisation in Wind Power Systems.

The main reason for selecting this education was the fact that I consider wind power as the future and I wanted to be part of it.

The Master’s Programme at AAU is a well-thought-out educational programme that balances theory and practice perfectly. Moreover, you will be part of an international environment that will open up your mind.

The programme prepared me well for my current career by offering me the chance to build a strong theoretical background and at the same time develop my interpersonal skills.

One of the unique features offered by AAU is their world-class laboratories. As an AAU student, you are granted access to these laboratories and that will offer you priceless hands-on experience.

I am currently employed at Vattenfall A/S as an Electrical Package Manager. I develop and construct wind power projects and in my daily work I have continuously used the wind power knowledge accumulated during the Master’s Programme.

Furthermore, the most important and useful skill I have from AAU is the teamwork mentality that has been developed during the various group work assignments.”

Iulian Vranceanu, former student at Energy Engineering with a specialisation in Wind Power Systems, now employed as an Electrical Package Manager at Vattenfall