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Meet a student

Meet a student

Andrei is a student in the Entrepreneurial Engineering programme.

"The natural progression for my professional and personal life"

Motivation for my choice of study

"Always being the entrepreneurial spirit, the programme in Entrepreneurial Engineering was the natural progression for my professional and personal life. This Master’s programme has not only helped me develop myself professionally when it comes to innovation, management and entrepreneurship but it has also given me a valuable set of skills that I can make use of regardless of my life choices. For instance when it comes to learning how to sell, how to work effectively in mixed groups, how to be persuasive, how to think analytically, how to develop a business mindset, and how to execute a project concept.

Being a serial entrepreneur before joining this programme, I initially doubted the new knowledge or practice that this programme could bring me. However, I was - and still am - positively surprised by the large amount of useful and applicable knowledge, skills, processes and contact we have all developed.

Having to work constantly with real-life companies, organisations, startups, and developing our own startups with first paying customers during the course of a semester project, were all perfect initiatives to be able to apply all the knowledge that our teachers and guest lecturers have taught us. To my knowledge, this is the most hands-on business-related Master’s programme at Aalborg University - which is also my favorite part about it.

The programme helps students either pursue a career within a large company or organisation as an intrapreneur or to become an entrepreneur by developing startups. I will definitely chose the latter, as Entrepreneurial Engineering has helped me better understand and operate my own startups.

Problem based learning and collaboration with industrial partners

The second semester within Entrepreneurial Engineering is all about incubation, meaning how to take a startup, business or product from the very early stage of discovering a market, identifying its problems, and developing a solution, to actually creating and testing business models, and finding ways how to develop the concept into a viable business.

Student life

The city of Aalborg in Denmark is a very open and multicultural city. Although there are still several difficulties for international students regarding accommodation, job hunting and integration in general, the University and the local authorities are doing a great job with providing numerous events, services and opportunities. In short, moving abroad – Aalborg included- can be a tough challenge, but Aalborg is doing well at receiving its new students.

The best thing I have gained so far from studying in Aalborg relates to understanding and assimilating the Scandinavian mentality – on work and business ethics, on avoiding corruption, and respecting each other. On top of that, the enormous network I have built with people from all around the world is a definite advantage. One that I will take with me for the rest of my life.
I would advise new students to make sure they understand their priorities and decisions very well when moving abroad to study. It can be the greatest experience of one’s life, but it can also be the toughest. It all boils down to the expectations that a student has, how adaptable he/she is, and how much is he/she willing to embrace change and a new culture and language."

Andrei Beno from Romania, studying Entrepreneurial Engineering

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