Job and career

Job and career

Within Environmental Science, you can work with for instance energy from biomass and waste, biological air cleaning in industry and animal farming, methods for rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water, biological methods for assessment of water quality in rivers and lakes or improvement of indoor climate in buildings at contaminated soil sites.

As an environmental engineer, you can choose a career in the public sector such as the technical department in municipalities or counties where you can work with regeneration of natural areas, management of contamination cases or environmental control of agriculture and industry.

Career opportunities

You can also choose a career in the private sector as a consulting engineer or in the industry where you may work with environmental management and optimisation of the production.

You may also work with innovation, development and marketing of new green technology.

If you are interested in providing the information necessary for political decisions, you can work in ministries or public governments where you can put your fingerprint on the future environmental policy.

You may also consider a career in research and teaching within the university system where you can be part of the invention and development of the methods and technologies that will form the basis for making our society more sustainable in the future. You will also be part of shaping the new candidates that are to bring this technology from idea to reality.

During the study programme, you have worked with the PBL method, which gives you many useful skills that make you an attractive candidate on the job market. You know how to approach a problem and solve it in collaboration with other people, which is a valuable skill in most jobs.


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Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

  • Application and cv
  • Finding an internship or a student job
  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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