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Module 16): Project oriented courses (internships) and project or study period abroad (Module 16)

During this module, students must stay at least three months in an organisation or institution abroad working with activities related to European studies and international relations. There are two options:

Option 1: A internship at an institution or organisation with activities within European studies and international relations. The host organisation is chosen by the student, the supervisor and the host organisation in question. Before the internship starts, an agreement between the student, supervisor and the host organisation must be drawn up with support from the International Office as regards expectations and responsibilities during the internship. This agreement will specify which tasks the student is expected to undertake at the host organisation. In addition, students will write a project. The internship and project corresponds to a total of 30 ECTS credits.

Option 2: A study stay abroad at a university or research institution in collaboration with Aalborg University. Students must apply for preliminary approval at the Faculty before departure. Upon return, students must apply for credit transfer. In cooperation with their supervisor at Aalborg University and the university abroad, students must choose courses/seminars within the field of European studies and international relations in accordance with the courses/seminars in which they already have participated at Aalborg University.

Choice of specialisation: If students have opted for a full specialisation within Chinese Area Studies, Latin American Area Studies or Global Gender Studies, the internship/study stay abroad must be within this chosen