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Academic content

The Master programme in Geography at Aalborg University focuses at both sides of the human-environment relationship. Students that finish our Master programme obtain the title Master of Science (MSc) in Geography.

1st semester

disconnected places – geographies of peripheral areas

The theme of the 1. semester of the Master programme is “disconnected place – geographies of peripheral areas”. Ýou will gain an understanding of the dynamics of the selected geographical problems and how these are contextualized in disconnected places. During the semester, you work in groups (3-4 students per group) on a 20 ECTS project, and you have to follow two courses of 5 ECTS each:

  • Course 1: Theories of Science and Research Design in Geography
  • Course 2: Human-Environment Interactions


2nd semester

connected places - geographical linkages in space and time

The theme of the 2. semester of the Master programme is “connected places – geographical linkages in space and time”. You will gain an understanding of differentiating influences of space and time on connected places and their development as well as knowledge of spatial and temporal influences on natural and sociocultural resources. You work on a project of 15 ECTS.

Besides the course “Advanced Methods in Geography”, you can choose between four course packages: an urban package, an environmental package, a mobility package and a nature/open land package. Each of these packages consists of two courses (5 ECTS each)



Urban package
  • Planning theory
  • The reflexive planner
Environmental package
  • Management of Natural Ressources
  • Sustainability assessments and social decision making
Mobility package
  • Mobilities: policy, branding and places
  • Mobility culture and communication
Nature / open land package
  • Danish nature types
  • Limnology

Working in the field

3rd semester

Geography in praxis

The 3. semester is labelled “Geography in Praxis”, and as a student you have the following possibilities:

  • Traineeship in a company, public authority or the like. In a traineeship, you gain practical knowledge of how geographers work or how geographers can work with other disciplines on relevant issues.
  • A semester without a traineeship. In this case you must complete a 20 ECTS project that combines with 2 times 5 ECTS course modules form existing master’s programmes, e.g.: Water and Environment, Biology, Urban Planning and Management, Environmental Management and Sustainability Science
  • Take the 1. Semester at the Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning Master programme
  • Have a so-called “long thesis”, i.e. the student can choose to write his or her thesis over two semesters instead of one

Geographical measurements

4th semester

Master's thesis

The entire 4th semester is intended for you to write your thesis. You choose the theme of your thesis, but the subject must be within a central geographical area.

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

learn more about Pbl at aau