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At the Master’s programme in Geography at Aalborg University, we focus on both sides of the relation between humans and the environment. Graduates from this programme will have the title cand. scient. in Geography.

1st semester
Theme: soil and groundwater

You will get to go out in the field where you will try various methods for measuring how much and how fast the soil can absorb water and chemicals, and how deep the groundwater runs and how quickly it can desorb water. You will follow up on these measurements with testing in the laboratory where you have soil from the field trip and you will measure how fast water and chemicals are transported and spread in the various soil types.

You will also learn about groundwater modelling and how you use a computer programme to describe the groundwater flows with numerical equations, which you can then use to create a model that simulates the transportation processes and any breakdown of pollutants.

You will write a project about soil and groundwater on a broader scale.  

2nd semester
Theme: aquatic geography

The 2nd semester will present you to lakes and streams, and you will gain knowledge about fresh water ecology and fresh water eco systems. For this purpose, you will also learn about the coastal marine aquatic environment and how natural and human made pollutants affect this environment. You will understand food chains, nutrient circulation, eco systems and pollution, and will work with aquatic environments in relation to recreational purposes and swimming (how to ensure good water quality – faecal bacteria and pathogens.

3rd-4th semester

During your last year of the Master’s programme, you will have different options of how you want to construct your last two semesters.  

1st option:

3rd semester: take a semester at a foreign university, or choose internship abroad.
4th semester: write your Master’s thesis.

2nd option: 

3rd semester: take an traineeship at a company or public institution. During the traineeship, you will gain practical experience with how geographers can work with other disciplines in relation to relevant challenges.
4th semester: write your Master’s thesis.

3rd option: 

3rd semester: take courses and write a project.  
4th semester: write Master’s thesis.

4th option: 

3rd semester: take courses and start your Master’s thesis.
4th semester: continue with writing your Master’s thesis.

5th option: 

3rd and 4th semester: writing your Master’s thesis, using both semesters.

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

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