Job and career

Job and career

Graduates from Physical Geography have many possible career opportunities and have well-developed skills in cross disciplinary project work. Examples of working areas:

  • Environmental assessment consultants
  • Natural resource administration in public organisations
  • Implementation of environmental standards and administration of protected nature and aquatic resources
  • PhD studies in Physical Geography and Environmental studies

"I have studied Geography at Aalborg University and graduated in 2015. I specialise in restoration of streams.

Since I graduated, I have been working as project manager in the Secretariat of the Limfjord Committee. My work mainly consists of planning and implementing restorations of streams in the area of the Limfjord.

I'm also involved in efforts regarding wetlands, and I'm a drone pilot and responsible for a large part of the GIS projects in the secretariat.

In my daily work life, I use many of the competencies that I gained during my time at Aalborg University, Especially regarding GIS and project management.

My motivating force is my interest in the interplay between man and nature in relation to climate and sustainability. In context with classical geography discipline and GIS, this is exactly why I believe that the Geography programme is unique."

Henrik Rosenskjold, graduate from the Master's programme in Geography

Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

  • Application and cv
  • Finding an internship or a student job
  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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