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Meet a student

Meet a student

Victor Homičs is a student at the Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering programme.

"I chose to study in Denmark because I found that Denmark is one of the countries where
studies of indoor environment are developed the most"

"In Denmark and in Scandinavia in general, people are aware of how the indoor environment influences on working conditions. Furthermore, Denmark introduced some of the strictest requirements for energy consumption in buildings, which involves many investigations within this area. Therefore, I found it interesting to study Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering in Denmark.

Studying at Aalborg University has certainly turned out to be a wise choice. I have gained many professional qualities and competences. For instance, I have learned how to work in groups and solve problems in collaboration with other people thanks to the method of Problem Based Learning (PBL). The PBL method is quite unique for Aalborg University, and it has come to my knowledge that many companies prefer students from Aalborg University as these students have developed strong competences in team work. In addition, students in Aalborg University are exposed to working styles close to reality, which prepares them for the actual job. Through the projects I have carried out, I have also learned about time management, long term planning, and keeping deadlines.

From my point of view, Aalborg University’s greatest assets are the facilities. Each group has its own group room. This means that we have a private space where we can study together and work on our project. This is the basis for a good atmosphere in terms of the group work, and there is room for jokes and fun. Furthermore, the laboratories are well equipped and contain new technologies, which make it interesting to carry out experiments. All in all, I would say that the combination of good facilities, great professors, and the PBL method has given me the knowledge and experience to feel well prepared for my future jobs."

Victor Homičs from Latvia, student at the Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering programme


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