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Job and career

Job and career

Industrial Design combines such skills as creativity, engineering and team work. This combination gives the student the opportunity to influence in which direction he/she wish to head.

Furthermore the education has a close connection and collaboration with companies, institutions etc., which among other things gives the student the opportunity to collaborate with and create close connections to these companies, institutions, etc. This is beneficial for the project work as well as for future carrier opportunities.

The combination of design, engineering, and business perspectives will enable the student to navigate in a large field of industries and professions on an international scale. The careers of former graduates show the broad span of future possibilities:

  • Design engineering
  • User experience design
  • Service design
  • Design entrepreneurs

As examples you can find several testimonials from former industrial design students at the local homepage for Msc Industrial Design at Aalborg University.

Read on in this study guide about how to apply for Industrial Design at Aalborg University

Career guidance at AAU

The AAU Careers Centre can help you with your career planning and establishment of contacts in the business world.

Due to language barriers it can be difficult to find a relevant student job, and you cannot expect to get one. However, project collaboration can give you experience and network as well.

Learn more on the careers centre homepage