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Application and requirements to the master's programme in Information Architecture

The following AAU bachelor degrees may provide applicants access to the master's programme in Information Architecture

  • Communication and Digital Media  (Interactive Digital Media, Human centered informatics and Communications)
  • Medialogy
  • Information Technology
  • Informatics
  • A number of educations from other universities than AAU, eg. Information Science and Cultural Dissemination, Information Science
  • A number of educations  such as Web Development (professionsbachelor) og E-concept Development (professionsbachelor)

A relevant bachelor degree is defined as a degree from a bachelor programme whose central subject areas ensure competence to an extent equivalent to not less than 60 ECTS points within the disciplinary area of information architecture (rhetoric, communication, language theory, philosophy of science, ICT technologies, organisational theory, knowledge organization and categorization, design and human-computer interaction).

In addition to these, a number of other Danish educational programs may provide access. For more information see the AAU’s Uddannelsestjekker.

Applications from students with similar Danish or foreign educations at a similar level, can be accepted pending the approval of the Studyboard of Communication and Digital Media. If your application lists and education that does not grant you direct access to the masters program, The Study Office will relay your application to the respective Study Board.

The Study Board cannot grant a pre-evaluation of students that do not meet the requirements. Therefore, applications will only be reviewed upon final application to the masters program.

Limited admission

Admission is limited. It is expected that 30 students will be admitted.
The qualified applicants will be evaluated and prioritised on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Number of acquired ECTS points in excess of the required 60 ECTS points at Bachelor Degree level within the central subject areas: Language (structure, rules and norms) and communication (language as communication, means of communication in printed and electronic media, language and cultural community, genres, target groups and communication situations).
  • Average grade in the aquired ECTS points within the central subject areas in all but the last bacherlor degree semesters (documentation in the form of academic transcript or equivalent). 



Please find information on deadlines and how to apply on the page:  Applying as a masterstudent.

Study start September 1st.



Entry restrictions

This programme is entry restricted. Please see the specific admission criteria before applying.

Official English language requirements

Applicants applying for Master's programmes at Aalborg University must submit results of an IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge test with the below mentioned minimum scores:

Danish B level in English compares to:

IELTS (academic test). Minimum score: 6.5
TOEFL (internet-based): Minimum score: 88
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Read more about language requirements

Application Deadline

Deadline for applying is 1st March

You must apply digitally via the online application portal. Please read the application procedures before applying.


Application procedures

How to apply

When you apply for a Master's programme at Aalborg University, you have to use STADS-DANS which is a national Danish digital application system in which the entire application process is handled.

Please note that some of the programmes offered may be subject to restricted admission. That means that the individual programmes may have a limited number of student places. Information on the programmes affected and the exact number of places offered will be available shortly when finally clarified.

Learn more about how to apply