Two exciting and challenging years

Two exciting and challenging years

"I graduated as master of science in engineering from in 2012 after two exciting and challenging years. I originally chose the ICTE programme because I of the opportunity to immerse myself in many of the IT-related areas that I find interesting while I was introduced to a variety of other subjects through the different courses.

During my studies, I experienced some very dedicated teachers who were really passionate about their field and were motivated to pass on this knowledge to the students. Personally, I really appreciated Aalborg University's project model, where part of the study is dedicated to work on a major project in groups. Some really good friendships and innovative results from the group work came out of the international environment.

In my master’s thesis, I participated in a super exciting project together with a group mate, where the brainwaves of individual persons were measured for the purpose of authentication. The supervisors made significant efforts to establish contacts with relevant people we could benefit from in the project, and the project also got mentioned in various media afterwards.

When I went out looking for jobs after graduation, several of the potential employers noted the work I had done on the ICTE programme, and I am convinced that it is one of the reasons that I've got a dream job as an Android developer today."

Christoffer Kjeldgaard Petersen, denmark.

Christoffer now works as a Software developer at Trifork specialised in Android.