Aalborg University – a step closer to your professional realisation!

Aalborg University – a step closer to your professional realisation!

"My name is Vanya Zdravkova, and I am M.Sc. in Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE) from Aalborg University.

Now, when I graduated my MSc, I can say with confidence that regarding my education I did the right choice. I had the chance to closely research the latest disruptive technologies and have gained knowledge about business models and strategies.

From a practical perspective, I applied and consequently was selected to participate in the 2-week ICT training programme “Seeds for the future” in China, powered by Huawei. That was such an unforgettable and most valuable experience to me. I had the chance to see what I had been studying as latest technologies, but from another angle.

On one hand, I have had the chance to travel and visit amazing places such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Culture village, exploring traditional cuisine, learning more about Chinese traditions and history. Moments which I will remember for a lifetime.

On the other hand, I have had the possibility for further professional improvement and gaining more knowledge about ICT and Huawei thanks to the programme “Seeds for future”. I highly appreciate this initiative - investing in young people and showing them that the future is in their hands and each of them can contribute in creating a “better connected world” both culturally and technologically.

Personally, I was the most impressed when I visited the Huawei Exhibition halls where the company shows its latest innovative products and ICT solutions. It was amazing to see all these technological solutions at the same place and learn about them first-hand.

Thanks to Huawei and my choice to study ICTE at Aalborg University - one of my dreams came true!

Last but not least, I would like to share that currently, I am a Huawei employee in Denmark.

So, if you want to be a step closer to your desired professional career, just choose to study ICTE at Aalborg University! :)"

“Our choices determine our life! “

Vanya Zdravkova, in innovative communication technologies and entrepreneurship


Ten Danish talents from Aalborg University and DTU were chosen to take part in HUAWEI’s educational programme; Seeds for the Future. In July of 2015, the ten students will travelled for two weeks to Beijing and Shenzhen in China. Here, they learned about Chinese language and culture as well as Chinese corporate culture, and they received training in state-of-the-art trends within telecommunications at HUAWEI’s training centre.

Prior to the trip, the students were equipped with the new HUAWEI P8 with a very good camera and features such as Directors Cut and light painting. This way, the students were able to take great pictures and videos during the trip which you can see on Instagram and YouTube; #seedsforthefuturedk.

“Seeds for the Future” is a five-year cooperation agreement commenced in 2014 between Aalborg University, DTU and HUAWEI, sending ten students on an educational expedition to China each of the five years. The purpose is for Danish students to receive additional training within telecommunications, ensuring excellent graduates for the future.