The Erasmus Experience

The Erasmus Experience

“My name is Lorand Farkas and I’m doing my Master’s degree in ICTE at Aalborg University Copenhagen. For the 3rd semester, we have the choice of attending courses at AAU, take an internship or go abroad.

I will only briefly touch upon some points that you should consider if you want to go abroad. The process should be started as early as possible, and even so, it is not guaranteed that you can make it; but let’s fast forward to my Erasmus experience.

I spent my semester abroad in Brussels, Belgium at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Finding an apartment was fairly simple, so therefore, the first days at the University were completely focused on getting all my papers finalised and getting my courses sorted out.

The first day, I was slightly overwhelmed as the university is very big and has lots of both local and international students. While I thought that I would be the only one in the situation of getting my Learning Agreement rewritten due to the change in courses, it came to my realisation that most international students were in the same boat.

The first week was mostly spent to help international students to get to know each other, find classes, try out courses and see whether it would fit their curriculum. Activities such as trips to different cities of Belgium were organised.

Of course, once you are an exchange student, you can’t avoid trying out different cultural activities and participate in different parties. Throughout the semester, the student organisation took care of organising all kinds of events.

Regarding the studies, it was a new experience; I have to say that it wasn’t easy, but the purpose of going abroad is to challenge yourself. The school organised events for meeting companies almost every month, sometimes even more than once a month.

To sum up, I would recommend and encourage anyone who would like it to go on an exchange semester. The people you meet are great, at no other time in your life will you meet so many like-minded people; no other time will you talk so freely about dreams and ideas on how to shape the world. It is a great way to experience other cultures, fall in love, enforce or completely erase stereotypes, and all this while studying and learning new things.”

Lorand Farkas, ICTE-student from Romania