Kiril Vasilev Panev

New ideas are born every day

“I chose this particular education because it provides the freedom to create, instil life and intelligence to a given system so it can serve for the greater good of society."

"I am a student enrolled on the “Intelligent Reliable systems” master’s programme at Aalborg University Esbjerg. This line of education provides opportunities for design, development and prototyping of systems which are automatized and widely used in the commercial and industrial sector.

The programmes at AAU are practically orientated with the intention not only to give you theoretical knowledge, but also to prepare you for future engineering-related working positions. Via the group work on different projects such as “Magnetic levitation”, “Stabilization of satellite dishes on a ship in open sea” and many more in combination with structure methodology for documentation of the work process, you are provided with interesting ways of learning-by-doing. The professors and associate professors are always willing to help in hard situations. Finally, yet importantly, the university library provides a variety of good reading materials from which new ideas are born every day.”

Kiril Vasilev Panev from Bulgaria