International Relations, Master

Global Refugee Studies

Global Refugee Studies at Aalborg University, Copenhagen is a two-year international MSc specialisation with a strong research component which focuses on refugees and forced migration.

Specializing in Global Refugee Studies you will study international and national responses to displacement, mobility and refugees with emphasis on its role as an intrinsic part of broader processes of development, political, social and economic change and globalisation. Global Refugee Studies offers multidisciplinary teaching that enables students to understand the nature of both internal and international forced migration in contexts of conflict, repression, security, natural disasters, environmental change, mal-development, poverty, asylum, and policy-making.

With forced migration as the focal point we offer students a theoretical and comprehensive understanding of human mobility, international refugees and internally displaced people and situate displacement in a broad historical, international and human perspective. You gain the ability to analyse the complex and varied nature of causes and implications of refugee and migration issues, and of the needs and aspirations of forcibly displaced people themselves.

You will practice applying your knowledge and methodological and analytical skills in problem oriented group work and have the opportunity to perform in an internship, preparing you to engage in problem solving strategies and policy-making locally, nationally, internationally and non-governmentally.


Typical job opportunities are in international and national government organizations and non-governmental organizations where analytical work and strategies concerning refugee and migration issues are central.