Everything we do feels relevant

Everything we do feels relevant

Everything we do feels relevant

The Master of Lighting Design lets me combine my BA in communications design with a creative use of light within the art world.

I have worked a lot with lighting designers on artistic and creative projects before I started on my Master in Lighting Design so I have some experience.

Even so, I have learnt so many new technical terms and so much theory about light and how to use it in different ways for different purposes. I have a much better understanding of light, both on a theoretical and a practical level.

The teachers are very inspiring, and there are big names from the outside world teaching us, too. Everything we do feels relevant; we do not just sit in an academic bubble and study theory.

It can be challenging to work with people with different professional backgrounds, but it is also rewarding and interesting to work on finding a way to understand each other and work together towards the same goal within the projects.

Søren Norge Lauridsen, lighting design student