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It's challenging, motivating and rewarding

It's challenging, motivating and rewarding

"I have seen and participated in many different sort of lectures, workshops and learning environments overall, before starting my problem based and group work-oriented master studies in Lighting Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen. I had no idea how much improvement in study motivation, -interest and -performance this sort of education can give you.

Variety of lectures, workshops and project works bundled up to a package where constructive discussions and interaction with fellow students play a key role in studying, has really been an effective learning method. I have a background in engineering, but interests in all kinds of developing and creation in action. With that in mind, I was seeking for a solution where I can release my inner creativity and utilise my expertise in engineering. I came up with Lighting Design, and I truly have been happy with this choice. It's not only the nature of the teaching, but also the benefit of having up-to-date knowledge, tools, equipment and facilities to test, demo and implement my ideas. When it comes to assignments, they are related to real-life situations instead of being products of imagination. I believe that this approach provides a good basis for my future career and working life.

I wouldn't say studying here has been easy; it's challenging, motivating and rewarding!" 

Heikki Väisänen, lighting design-student from Finland