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Graduate testimonial

Graduate testimonial

"At Medialogy, you get the opportunity to combine creativity with technology in order to design and develop innovative IT-solutions. The purpose can be to produce art or entertainment or to solve societal problems. You gain knowledge of important theories and methods within the field, but also practical experience in among others programming, enabling you to implement your ideas.

During my master’s thesis, I worked with design and development of a telehealth solution for patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The purpose was to make COPD-patients more aware of critical changes in symptoms in order for them to be able to take precautionary measures regarding their health. We had the opportunity to involve the patients in large parts of the process; testing ideas with them which were then converted into functional prototypes, and, in the end-phase, evaluating the product together with them. This was both interesting and educational.

One of my biggest motivations has been to work with actual and important real-world problems and to centre product development on the users and their needs. At Medialogy, you are trained to covert problem formulations into concepts, ideas and prototypes on basis of gathered knowledge, which is essential in order to be able to create high-quality products.

As a graduate, I have a broad range of competences, including research, design, implementation and evaluation of IT-solutions. With such competences, I believe I have a good foundation for working in the IT-industry, contributing to future IT-products."

Stephanie Githa Nadarajah

MSC in Medialogy with specialisation in Interaction