Gustav has his own game development company

Gustav has his own game development company

"Medialogy is an interesting programme because you learn a broad range of different disciplines. It is predominantly a technical education where you get the opportunity to be creative and develop products which no one has seen before. Medialogy is what you make it to be, because it’s the students’ responsibility to couple knowledge from the courses and use it in their projects. Medialogy has traditional subjects such as programming, mathematics, statistics, electronics and 3D-modelling, but there are also more specialised courses on for example image processing, perception, film and interaction design. The programme is somewhat versatile, and even though not all courses on a semester may be equally exciting, you usually find a couple of courses that you really like. The coolest thing about Medialogy is no doubt the freedom students have in their group work. The groups focus very much on knowledge sharing, because you learn a lot from your fellow students, while working intensively on a project. My great passion is computer games, which is why I’ve always tried to have my projects focus on game development. I have among others contributed to the development of a Kinectgame for dyslexic children, an Android app for first aid, and a gloomy puzzle where light and shadow are used in a new way. My group has chosen to take the latter further, and we have now established a company called Tunnel Vision Games, where we work on commercialising the game. All the projects on Medialogy take their starting point in a problem to be solved via design and implementation of a concrete product, and via a report, documenting what you have learnt. In addition, each semester, we produced a small film which illustrated our project as a whole.

I would recommend Medialogy to people who like its versatility and the balance between creativity and technology. It is an academic programme where you learn to read and write technical papers. In addition, you obtain competences in programming with different tools. Medialogists are not experts within just one field; instead, they are skilled within many different fields within software, IT and electronics, enabling them to think outside the box and combine things in new and interesting ways.”

gustav dahl, msc in medialogy

co-founder of tunnel vision games