I have always been curious about new technologies

I have always been curious about new technologies

“When I first heard about the Medialogy programme, I found it interesting to study various media technologies. I have always been curious about new technologies, and I wanted to create experiences beneficial for other people. That is why I chose Medialogy, and it is what motivates me to continue studying on the Master’s programme.

As a Medialogy student, you get knowledge and experience within computer graphics, audio processing, physical installations and much more. This knowledge is used to develop games, interactive experiences or pre-rendered experiences (such as film). The Medialogy programme provides introductory courses in skills such as object oriented programming, but to master such skills requires extra hours of studying. In my case, programming was new to me when I started my bachelor, so I used many hours in building up programming skills. The many technical skills in the Medialogy programme require practise, and therefore, most courses consist of partly lectures and partly hands-on workshops or exercises in the study group. A great thing about Medialogy is the variety of students and the group work. The students combined in a group can draw from each other’s' strengths, so a subject like programming becomes easier to understand with help from others.”

Bianca Clavio Christensen, medialogy student