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I like tinkering with technology

I like tinkering with technology

"I chose Medialogy because I like tinkering with technology in a creative way. Since primary school, I have been making my own videos, sound and technical widgets. Medialogy has trained me how to use programming for sound, picture, 3D graphics and electronic sensors. I can use this to develop apps for smartphones or create prototypes of new technology.

In Medialogy, we often work with new media technology, exceeding our everyday technology. For example, my group used a webcam, a projector and picture programming for constructing an interactive table with multi touch. One of Medialogy’s large subjects is how media technology can be utilised to remedy societal issues. For example, I have worked on how a game may help create more social contact among café visitors. In this regard, I learned a lot about going out doing research among people. In Medialogy, I have learnt that research is essential for designing technology that is intended to help others. I’m currently studying for my master’s, and I have chosen to specialise in Interaction in order to improve my skills in creating media technology which makes sense to those who are going to use it."

Bastian hougaard, medialogy student