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Nikolaj works as UX senior consultant

Nikolaj works as UX senior consultant

"The knowledge and skillsets I gained from a bachelor’s in Medialogy, combined with the specialisation in interaction from a master’s in Medialogy and the “AAU model” made me a coveted asset for several companies. I chose to start my career in one of the world’s largest providers of video surveillance software: Milestone Systems. Here, I was put in charge of improving the usability of existing solutions as well as designing new ones. I worked closely with back- and front-end developers to ensure that my prototypes and wireframes were executed as intended.

Today, I work as a UX senior consultant at Visma Consulting, a large Nordic IT company, where I work closely with customers on all user experience matters, ranging from user testing and evaluations to designing large scale systems. I still rely on the broad range of skills I gained from my education; knowledge about programming, design, project management etc., which enables me to effectively communicate with all members of a project team, and make me a valued asset for many of our customers."

nikolaj aalbæk jensen, msc in medialogy

ux senior consultant with visma consulting a/s