Programming is important

Programming is important

"I use the technical skills I attained during my time studying Medialogy in Aalborg every day, either in my spare time doing side projects or at work. At work, I develop software solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX, an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solution for big companies. At Fujitsu, we're currently working with some of the municipalities in Denmark to help them keep track of everything. This means using knowledge of C#,, X++ and several other languages, but also keeping track of which issues that need the most attention. During projects at AAU, a similar approach was often used, where multiple people would help develop and maintain the product throughout prototyping and testing. 

In my spare time, I try to create games as that is my passion; I learned programming only because I wanted to make games, so that is still my main motivation. But because of these skills, I could try out having my own games company with some friends, then move on to having a steady income when that was needed very easily and lastly, because of these skills I'll never have to be worried about having a steady income. More and more companies are in dire need of good, great and awesome programmers, which tells me that learning programming as a 'side-thing' to help with creating games and projects at AAU really was the right call for me."

Alex patrick hauge, msc in medialogy

Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer with Fujitsu A/S