Software developer with Flickerlab

Software developer with Flickerlab

“I work as a Software Developer primarily with either iOS native or Unity projects. The projects I work on the most, are usually a combination of several systems, such as Unity with added iOS native or Android native code.

Recently, I’ve worked on a Unity project which is supposed to run on both iOS and Windows’ UWP platform, and I therefore had to implement native iOS and native UWP code, so that my Unity project can easily run on both platforms.

This project also requires an Arduino, a simple circuit as well as physical buttons and LEDs.

Previously, I have had a project, where I was asked to implement an ASIO hardware component to Unity via a C++ program, which I also had to write. In this project, I used a USB sniffer, some knowledge of hardware architecture, networking protocols and C++ to create an asynchronous connection between a C++ program and the Unity program.

The various projects I’ve been asked to work on have been very varied, and my flexibility as well as willingness to both learn new systems as well as relearn systems I used a long time ago has been very much needed.

During my 4th semester, we made an Arduino implementation, which made it easier for me to relearn how to use, design and implement in current position.

During both my 6th and 8th semesters, we made computer games in Unity which helped me to obtain the job I have today.

There was also a semester where we dealt with audio preprocessing, which was helpful to me when implementing the ASIO component which also required some audio preprocessing before the signal was sent to Unity.

Generally, it is always useful to focus on usability and testability for all the systems I work on.

It happens that I disagree with my CTO or the designers when it comes to the usability of the designs proposed. If we can’t resolve our differing opinions, it has happened that I have conducted a focus group test with the intention of determining usability and similar issues with understanding the functionality of the app(s).

If I were to give a single piece of advice, it would have to be to direct your education towards what you want to use it for.

I did also make a small Unity game after I finished my studies, which was released to the iOS App Store, which was proof that I am able to both finish and release Unity apps. This was also a significant factor when I was hired in my current position."

tim kofoed, msc in medialogy

software developer with flickerlab