Teaching game development

Teaching game development

“Upon graduation, I started a game development company together with some friends. Initially, we took part in a ten month course (an establishment course for entrepreneurs), receiving jobseeker’s allowance, and after that, we were on our own. Then we landed a contract on creating a learning game, and we programmed the whole thing ourselves.

We had a game of our own that we wanted to push, so I began teaching programming and game development in order to make some extra money. I parted from the company after two years, because we never sold our game prototype idea. I then started teaching game programming in Viborg on and off and after that, I worked for a month in a game company.

After that, I ended up teaching again.

Today, I work for Ung Aalborg [Young Aalborg, red] in their project department, and my field is called “IT, Games and E-sport”. When I started, I was given the task of “creating a games environment for young people in Aalborg”. Here, Medialogy and my own interests come into play. I coordinate teaching and teach myself sometimes, for which I need to prepare teaching material for the pupils to try out game development which is everything from creative fields to the more technical ones where they try out programming. Among others, I have made a teaching kit for which I’ve programmed different scripts for teaching.

Every Wednesday, I spend some time at our GameLab, and here, teenagers can come and receive guidance on their projects. This involves a lot of programming.

At the moment, I’m preparing a funding application to DFI [the Danish Film Institute, red] for a game project. I’d like to program a learning game for a theme week at Ung Aalborg.”

Christian Skriver Kragegaard, msc in medialogy

Project manager - IT / Gamification with Ung Aalborg