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Job and Career

As a Master of Medialogy from Aalborg University, you will have a huge advantage in the job market by developing your skills in a specialised area and creating a portfolio of creative work or technical research.

Former students now work with for instance:

  • Development of computer programmes and –games
  • Animation
  • Virtual reality systems
  • Graphic and digital design
  • Development of Bluetooth technologies
  • Test development
  • EU-consultancy for it-projects
  • Project management and media production in the film-, entertainment and it-business

Career guidance at AAU

The AAU Careers Centre can help you with your career planning and establishment of contacts in the business world.

Due to language barriers it can be difficult to find a relevant student job, and you cannot expect to get one. However, project collaboration can give you experience and network as well.

Learn more on the careers centre homepage