Anne went to Austria

Anne went to Austria

”Medialogy was the right programme for me because it gave me the opportunity to work with technology development. The programme opened my eyes to academic fields I didn’t know existed when I started my studies. I had a bunch of skilled fellow students, and thus, I always had sparring partners.

The bachelor’s programme was quite versatile, and I enjoyed learning about media technology, including human-computer interaction, perception, programming, games, film, graphics and much more. In my master’s, I decided to specialise in computer graphics, working with virtual reality.

In my 9th semester, I went abroad to study at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. It was interesting to meet new people and experience the difference in ways of studying. As an international student, I quickly found a network of students from many other countries, and we shared many experiences both with regards to everyday campus life, on trips and the weekly Thursday burger.

In general, I much appreciated the project based group work at AAU, and the coolest thing was definitely at the end of each semester, when you had developed a prototype and/or test which gave you a feeling of success and helped make the academic goals palpable.” 

Anne juhler hansen, msc in medialogy

research assistant at Aalborg university