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Meet a student

Meet a student

Derick Fuh from Cameroune talks about studying Nanobiotechnology at Aalborg University

 “Studying at Aalborg University has given me new experiences, and most importantly I have gained a new perspective on how to work in groups"

"We work together in groups of three or four people. Because we work in small groups, we get to go into depth with the topics we are working on, and we get very close to our fellow students, which results in a lot of fun moments. I find the whole learning process very positive. You move away from the theoretical knowledge you already have and gain new knowledge, which is a process you learn a lot from. At last, I would say that the whole atmosphere at the university is very informal, which is also reflected in the relationship between the students and the lecturers. We can ask the lecturers questions, and they will try to help us as much as they can.”

Derick Fuh from Cameroune, studying Nanobiotechnology.